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  • Showdown In Manila

    Comedy, Action

    Mercenaries Nick (Alexander Nevsky) and Charlie (Casper Van Dien) live and work in Manila. A murder investigation leads them to the...

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  • Summerland Project, The

    Drama, Sci-fi

    CURRENTLY IN POST PRODUCTION When his wife Amelia suffers an aneurysm that leaves her bedridden and slowly dying, police officer Carter Summerland...

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  • Powder And Gold


    NOTE: TEMPORARY ART POWDER AND GOLD is a timely, action-packed crime thriller that explores the resurgence of the Caribbean drug routes and...

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  • Synkhole

    Sci-fi, Thriller

    Dr. Hopper has inexplicably gone missing on a search for the most coveted urban legend in history, and a group of...

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  • Mind'S Eye, The

    Horror, Thriller, Action

    On a snowy back road in New England, police harass a drifter, only to be thrown violently through the air by...

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  • Anguish

    Horror, Thriller

    Sixteen-year-old Tess has suffered a pained past. She’s been diagnosed with an assortment of mental ailments since her mother discovered her...

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  • Better Half, The

    Comedy, Romance, Fantasy

    Calista Ryan wakes up one morning to realize that she may not have been the best mother and wife she could...

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  • Why We Ride


    An inspiring celebration of the motorcycling community, Why We Ride shares the passion of motorcycle riding and shows the camaraderie of...

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  • Black Rose

    Thriller, Action

    A psychotic killer is loose on the mean streets of Hollywood, stalking and murdering young Russian-American women. His calling card: A...

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  • Indigenous

    Horror, Thriller

    A group of five young friends travel from Los Angeles to exotic Panama for a week of partying in lush tropical...

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  • Bravetown


    Josh (Lucas Till) lives the fast life. He is the most popular DJ in New York, and spends his nights performing...

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  • Preggoland


    Ruth (Sonja Bennett) leads a fairly typical teenage life: she lives with her dad (James Caan), works as a cashier at...

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